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This is a somewhat a random collection of fun, interesting, educational, humorous or crazy blogs, Twitter feeds and other craziness that I recommend you follow.  Or not.  

Smarty Pants People & General Amusement

Thoughts of Ghedi


Awesomer than You

Life Being Blonde

Spit Up and Stilettos


Rory Williams Facts

More coming soon

Science and Technology

Sense About Science

Gravity.  It’s the Law


Respectful Insolence


DuffleBlog (think The Onion with a military theme)

The Onion

Something Awful


Coming soon

History & Culture

Obit of the Day

History of Europe

Archaeology News

Social Commentary - reason, logic, factivism on current events and culture

The Rude Pundit

Friendly Athiest

Respectful Insolence

Be the Cog

Adventures of Hood Nurse

And They Lived

Angie the Anti-Theist

Dirty Damn Filthy Damn Atheist

Foreign Service Blogroll & Links

French Fry Diplomacy


A Fisher Out of Water

Super Mario Diplomacy

Two Crabs

Two Tabbies in Tow

Midlife Diplomatic Crisis

Where in the World is Doug?


That Lady, There

Diplomat Fritz


Don’t Call Me Gringa

State Department Careers

SA FSOT Megathread (not a blog but plenty of good FS info)

If you are the owner of one of these blogs and for whatever reason want it removed, just shoot me an email using one of the links thoughout the blog and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.  Same goes if you would like to suggest I add a blog.

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